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Jonathan Urie: Bio


Canadian, Jonathan Urie, is a Christian, music composer, song writer, pianist and radio program narrator.
Many of the past several years have been devoted to the development of the celebrated Helen Steiner Rice music project of 20 songs and 5 albums.

A Journey of the Spirit that began 27 years ago has taught Jonathan much about patience, perseverance, the power of prayer, trust, faith, courage and the guiding hand of the Lord. Along the way many new songs have emerged
that reflect the valleys and mountain tops of this Journey of the Spirit. Many of these moments are part of the cd's Reflections of Light and Spiritual Abundance.

The project was recorded "live" in Nashville under the guiding hand of renowned Christian producer, orchestra
leader and music director Mr. Bill Walker. With 27 of Nashville's finest musicians, beautiful orchestrations by
Bill Walker and powerful performances by Guy Penrod, Gary McSpadden, Gail Farrell, Jeanine Walker & Sheila Craig this collection is a fitting tribute to America's
beloved Poet Laureate of Inspirational Verse.
In 2001 he Helen Steiner Rice project gave birth to a popular series of 5 minute radio programs featuring an inspiring message from great Christian authors PLUS a song from the Helen Steiner Rice Musical Moments with music from Jonathan Urie.
The MMI are narrated by Jonathan Urie and are broadcast worldwide on
plus many Christian stations in Canada and New Zealand.

To Almighty God, for His faithfulness and loving kindness. To Him be the Glory.

To Virginia and Eugene Ruehlman and the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation for their continuing trust.

To Roy Lessin/DaySpring; Eugene Peterson/NavPress; Bob Gass/United Christian Broadcasters International; Pastor Simon Measures/Daily Guide; Rev. Russ McDonald/Daily Meditations for sharing their powerful writings for use in the MMI programs over the years.

To John Clarke of Sound Evidence Studio
at Canada Christian College in Don Mills Canada for his friendship and recording skills.

To artists Olaf Schneider, Rachelle Kearns, Jay Bryant Ward , Spencer Williams, Terrance McKillip and Janine Russell for permitting me to use their beautiful paintings and photos on CD and music covers.

To my family and friends….especially Anna, Michelle, George, Elizabeth, Jim & Shawn who have supported and encouraged me throughout the Journey of the Spirit.


It may not be long until this whole tapestry of work will move forward into a bigger arena of influence. With unfold according to His perfect timing. Until then...I will continue by His grace and according to His create new music and meaningful programs that will reach out to seeking hearts with the MESSAGE of Jesus and God's gift of salvation.

All Jonathan Urie musical creations may be seen, heard and purchased on


"My sister and my friend" Jonathan Urie

Beloved Canadian vocalist, Elizabeth Jean, has joined in the WordSong ministry with Jonathan Urie for many years. Her vocal gift of singing blended with a heartfelt Christ centered compassion for others and deep personal faith , warmly touches seeking hearts with God's love through music.
Her whole life has been devoted to singing at church, at funerals, at weddings, at church camps and conventions for 25 people and 2500 people mostly accompanied by Jonathan Urie.
It is an honour to have Elizabeth on the SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE cd as she presents
the powerful "Quilt of Holes".


SHEILA CRAIG, many years an actress, singer, radio personality and businesswoman, performs the brief narrations that connect the songs throughout the HELEN STEINER RICE MUSICAL MOMENTS . Sheila's heartfelt renderings of some of Helen Steiner Rice's most moving thoughts..... introduce each poem/song.

Now, Sheila has joined Jonathan Urie in a group of MMI radio programs featuring the EXPRESSIONS series of books from Barbour Publishing Inc. & the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation.
The richness of Sheila's mature voice adds a special sense of meaning to the beautiful Helen Steiner Rice poetry presented in Expressions of Comfort & Joy and Expressions of Hope & Love CD collections of Moments of Music and Inspiration MMI radio programs.

Sheila is a remarkable Canadian senior whose life is filled with invigorating daily activities and meaningful moments. An avid traveler, she has great stories about her trips to the High Arctic, the South Seas and some 60 other countries. In the summer she enjoys escaping to her relaxing Georgian Bay island retreat.

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