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Jonathan Urie: News


Well, Elizabeth arrived back safely from her wonderful trip to San Jose
and Santa Clara, California.
She presented many songs during her stay at the IOOF SOVEREIGN GRAND LODGE SESSIONS and had a few special moments to share.

The Jonathan Urie song Cradled in the Arms of God was presented during the opening church service. Over 1000 people were blessed by the song and many came by to share how deeply it had touched their heart.

I thank thank the Holy Spirit for giving me the words and music to Cradled back in June 2002. Each time it is presented....tears flow and hearts are touched by God's grace.


WordSong's Elizabeth is off to San Jose California on August 14th where she will spend a week at the IOOF
Elizabeth is an International Soloist and as such will be spending much of the week singing and touching the hearts of nearly 2000 delagates with music and inspiring words. It is a great opportunity and a true blessing and we pray the Lord will lead her safely ...through each moment of this wonderful journey. Praise God!

Blessings, JON

NEW MMI RADIO SERIES - June 25, 2009

Beginning July 1, 2009 the Expressions of Comfort & Joy series of MMI rdio programs will premiere on under Moments of Music Jonathan Urie. This program series is a beautiful collection from 2 of the 4 EXPRESSIONS books published by Barbour Publishing Inc. USA. They feature the treasured writings of Helen Steiner Rice and the music of Jonathan Urie. We have been deeply blessed to have Sheila Craig narrating much of the poetry throughout the series.
See a great BIO on Sheila in this site's BIO PAGE.
Along with the advent of this new series comes a "collection cd" apltly named EXPRESSIONS of Comfort & Joy. I have listened to this cd from beginning to end at least 20 times and I can assure you that one never gets bored or weary in doing so. Each word and every track is remarkably poignant and touches the listeners heart with God's words of consolation and encouragement.

A further series from the EXPRESSIONS of Hope & Love books will be coming forth in the early Fall of 2009.

Bye for now. JON

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